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The Most Romantic Country – France

A recent European study initiated by the car manufacturer Ford marks the return of romanticism and seduction on the continent, France is officially the most romantic country in Europe, just ahead of Italy.

According to the European survey conducted by the research firm Consumer Analysis Ltd for Ford, 2008, marks the Great Return of romanticism and seduction, especially among young people. According to the findings of the study, conducted on a sample of 3,500 people aged 18 to 80 years in June, 70% of the respondents in Russia have already had a lightning strike, 78% of the respondents in Italy currently say they are in love and 82% of the respondents in the United Kingdom believe in eternal love.

For the majority of the people interviewed, France is officially the most romantic country in Europe, since the respondents associate love and Romance with France, just ahead of Italy. “Have you ever had love at first sight? If this is not the case, this will happen rather quickly ” according to this Pan-European survey, according to which 71% of young French people under 25 years of age admit to having had a love at first sight. There are also some disparities at the national level. The study shows that it is much easier to find love in the eastern regions of France, where 84% of the population consider themselves to be currently in love, than in Paris, where only 64% of residents are now in love.

10 French destinations for a romantic getaway

Need a romantic weekend? There’s nothing like surprising him or her to re-bond and bring a breath of fresh air to your daily life. Whether you opt for a nature escape or a relaxing stay, it is not necessary to go to the end of the world: our beautiful country offers everything that couples can dream of for a unique, romantic, even magical moment! Here are 10 French destinations for a romantic getaway:

  1. Rocamadour, in the Lot.

Here is a destination with unique charm, Rocamadour is the paradise of history lovers who will see in each stone a strong testimony of medieval times. Its winding alleys and its original houses make this city one of the most visited in France, but to escape mass tourism, we recommend a night visit on foot, under the soft lights of Rocamadour.

  1. Annecy, in the Haute-Savoie.

Annecy is nicknamed “The Venice of the Alps” because of the streams that pass through it. For lovers who love to stroll hand in hand, the Old Town is ideal, the flowery quays and colorful buildings seduce all passers-by without exception. Not far from here, the famous Lake of Annecy offers a striking view of the surrounding mountains, to satisfy a need for a change of scenery and give a new Breath of life to your tandem.

  1. Etretat, Normandy.

For Dreamers wishing to let themselves be rocked by the soft noise of the waves hitting the shore, Etretat invites imagination and quietness. The cliffs overlooking the beach can be the scene of a romantic picnic, until sunset for a magical moment. The wild and unique beauty of Etretat will long remain etched in the memory of your half.

  1. Chamonix, in Haute-Savoie.

Chamonix is the place of choice for great sportsmen and women! If your passion for adrenaline is shared, the region will fill you with all the activities offered: skiing, mountaineering, snowshoeing or paragliding, Chamonix has the reputation of being the world capital of Mountain sports. Nothing like a spa in one of the many hotels in the city to recover smoothly from a day of physical exertion.

  1. Gordes, in the Vaucluse.

It is one of the most beautiful villages of France ideally located under the Provencal sun. Gordes is famous for its atypical charm, its cobbled alleys, its houses of blond stones built from the rock. The song of the cicadas rocks an exceptional village where it is good to live if you want to rest in the sun and let yourself.

  1. Riquewhir, in Alsace.

This medieval town is located in the heart of the Alsatian vineyards. It attracts many visitors for its original architecture with its half-timbered houses, highlighted by numerous flowers. For lovers of good food and good wine, the most beautiful palaces will be enchanted — nothing like a romantic stroll through the alleys of Riquewhir after an excellent romantic dinner.

  1. La Roque-Gageac, in the Dordogne.

At La Roque-Gageac you will have the impression of being cut off from the world, the village being only accessible by a single road. Located at the foot of a cliff and on the edge of the Dordogne river, you will be enchanted by the calm and enchanting atmosphere of the small village. A surprising exotic garden guarantees a romantic stroll.

  1. Paris, Region of Paris.

How not to mention our dear capital, Paris is the very emblem of love. A fly-boat ride, a kiss at the top of the Eiffel Tower, a padlock was hanging on the Pont des Arts. All is romanticism in Paris!

  1. Beaune, Côte d’Or.

Beaune is a city where you can stroll, once you have passed its walls, everything is a surprise: heritage, tasting, gastronomy, outdoor recreation, the Burgundy wine capital will delight lovers of cultural discoveries.

  1. Saint-Lary Soulan, Hautes-Pyrénées.

This slate-roofed village is a preferred destination for hiking enthusiasts, or for those who want to feel cut off from the world. Throughout the year, this Pyrenean village allows an exceptional stay. The best part: thermal treatments to find yourself in love.

Now you have no excuse not to go on a weekend with your loved one. Pack your bags and visit our romantic France in love! And don’t forget to let us know your impressions when you return.