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The capital increase from 15 mln for Beautiful Things of Italy

cosebelleCose Belle d’italia seeks 15 million euros among new members to finance the international development of its subsidiaries, after having restored them financially. MF Milano Finanza writes today.

The company was incorporated in 2014 and is now wholly owned by Europe Investment holding investment specializing in the acquisition of companies or branches of the company in a situation of crisis, to restructure them from a financial point of view and relaunch the business (click here for the operations already completed). After the capital increase, which will close by the end of March, Europe investment will fall to 51%. In the medium term, there is a stock market hypothesis.

The FMR art editions, the par excellence editions of UTET Grandi Opere, the magazine for fans of classical music Amadeus and then again the magazine point of reference of Italian golfers, World Golf, just to give some examples. Are all the brands that in the last couple of years Europe Investments has been detected by the receivership and bankruptcy proceedings and entered gradually under the one hat of the Beautiful Things of Italy, investing 9.5 million euros in total, has renovated and prepared in a phase of recovery that is just starting now thanks to new resources that Europe Investments is by looking for third party investors, in particular, the clients of private banking, and asset manager.

Beautiful things Italy has closed the 2015 with a turnover of about 35 million euros and an ebitda that is still slightly negative, but already this year, thanks to the fact that I go to the scheme the restructuring of all the subsidiaries, the expectations of management are that the group closes with about 70 million of revenues and ebitda to be in the draw, while 2017 will be the year in which you will see positive results. For 2018, finally, the goal is to reach 100 million turnovers.

All of this is thanks to the fact that for each of the companies will be studied on a path of international growth, which will, in particular, from the transformation of the business on the digital plan and a marketing strategy that will tell the products through events and opportunities to meet.

Part of the development plan will be focused on the opening of innovative concept stores (the first will be in Milan in 2017 and the next abroad) in which you can enjoy the products of the participants of beautiful things of Italy, such as the coffee of the ancient toasting of Trieste or the products of a company in the food sector that will soon enter the portfolio, perhaps reading the magazine La Madia Travelfood; but also listen to classical music under the guidance of the Rivista Amadeus or preview the Gozzi Sorrentino of Apreamare, the motorboats of Maestro and the sailboats of Vismara Marine, the clothes and accessories brand Laverda, the books-jewel of Book Art and the design products of Nerocarbon, Desing industry and Alberto Del Biondi

In the meantime, Europe Investment is heating the engines for a new phase and is preparing to build modern portfolios focused on other sectors, such as country houses and hotels, always to enhancing the asset by synergy, on the false line of the success of this first operation.

To this end, last December Europa Investimenti opened the capital, for a significant minority, to Avenue Capital, a New York private equity operator that has committed to investing in Italy up to 150 million euros alongside Europa Investimenti. The Italian holding company in the transaction was assisted by Caretti & Associati and the law firm Borlone Papi Rossi. Avenue Capital Group was assisted by Deloitte Financial Advisory and Law Firm Pedersoli E Associati.

But it won’t end here. Once closed, the increase of the capital of the Beautiful Things of Italy, the manager-shareholders of Europa Investimenti, led by president Stefano Vegni, aims to equip the holding of new resources, opening the capital to new shareholders, private investors, and asset managers. In 2015, Europa Investimenti generated a consolidated turnover of approximately 14.4 million euros, with an Ebitda of approximately 7.5 million and over 4 million net profit.