fabio veronesi
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An Interactive GUI to use R for Geostatistical Analysis


This software is designed to help the user during the learning process of both R itself and geostatistic in general. It is created in way that is very easy to use but also very reliable, therefore can also be used by inexperienced users. When the program starts it shows a series of dialogs in which the user needs to either select a file or input some information. With these information the program compile the script and runs it in batch mode. At the end of the script the results are saved in txt file and the images are shown to the user. To download the software and a dataset for try it, see the links below.

For info or feedbacks send an e-mail to: f.veronesi(et)cranfield.ac.uk


All the R script available in these software are compiled using material freely available in the R community and using the experience of the authors. However, the user is strongly invited to check the results for any possible error. The author accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the results.